Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Great time at the 2016 Camp Li-Lo-Li Directors Meeting!

Every year we gather all our summer Camp Directors, Staff Directors and Assistant Camp Directors together to talk about the summer. This past Saturday, we met as we have for many years to get some of these issues out of the way before the summer starts. We thank those that were able to come for giving up yet another Saturday of their busy lives to go over the Staff Training for the summer and to think about some of the practical and spiritual priorities for our camp season.

For six hours, they face a constant overload of information and they do it with a smile! The training itself is long but so important as we think through our response to emergencies that may come up during their sessions. We pray always that our weeks will be free of incidents, but we need to have plans in place just in case. It is also important that we are consistent from week to week for the sake of our campers and staff.

We live in an increasing dangerous and dark world and strive to do all we can to keep the influence of the world out of camp. We want our campers and their parents to have confidence that we have done all we can to provide a safe and happy environment for their children. We want to be keenly aware of the dangers and yet not be dragged down by them Please for wisdom and discernment for our directors and their staff.

It is exciting also to hear about their program plans for the summer! Every year they bring great creativity to their programs and this year is no different! If you know of any young people who are wondering what to do this summer, bring them to camp! It is going to be a great year! We are looking forward to seeing the Bible come alive for young people!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Thanks to all our Camp Li-Lo-Li volunteers!

Ted Fox - trimming out windows
We are so blessed at camp to have so many wonderful and willing volunteers that give up their Saturdays (and often many more days) to come alongside and serve at camp!

Don Palmer - finish trim in the cabins
Over the past few weekends we have had close to 80 people at camp in every kind of weather to do a variety of projects. This past weekend we had over 50 people! Here are some of the projects they were working on:

There were three teams of finish trim carpenters working on window sills and door and window trim. Thank you to all these teams.
Bob Wheeler Pocket Doors 

Bob Wheeler has built virtually every pocket door at camp. These pocket doors create great versatility in the way we use the cabins for summer camps and family camps.

Ron Gauthier & Bob Buttriss Schoolhouse ceiling

Ron Gauthier and Bob Buttriss put in the ceiling in the remodeled Schoolhouse which houses our wranglers in the summer.

John Clode - one of many sanders!
Sanding - so much sanding!
Every cabin needs to be sanded before we can spray with polyurethane. That's a lot of sanding! Eight new cabins are being built this year and we could not have completed this time-consuming but important project without their help!

AJ McIntee trenching for electrical
AJ McIntee continues to dig trenches, lay conduit and pull electrical wire to replace our our overhead lines with underground lines. Al McIntee was continuing to work on lights and electrical outlets in the new cabins. These are such important contributions to the comfort and safety of our campers and staff!

Painting the lattice at the Lodge
We had painters everywhere! Some were painting the lattice on the front of the Lodge while others worked down in the cabin areas painting porch and interior ceilings!

Larry Palmer spent the day raking and grading up at the newest home at camp in preparation for planting grass seed.

Wood splitting

Several weeks ago we had a great group of men and boys come down to cut and split firewood. We were grateful for another group this week that continued the job!

Our Property Manager, Stacy Bodder was kept busy during the day managing all these multiple projects and making sure that everyone had the tools, materials and instruction they needed! Thanks Stacy!

Sorting piles of pines for kindling
It was great to have clean up crews as well! Some of the young guys were able to collect and sort much of the pine pieces into usable sections while the rest went to kindling. They also helped stack wood in the wood sheds in both the boys and girls areas.

Breaktime for the group!
One of the most important jobs on these work weekends is to keep everyone fed and and happy! Thanks so much to David and Amy Larter who came down faithfully to take care of these hungry groups.David and Jacob Meng also spent time on repairs to our Ropes course to make sure we will be ready for our annual inspection this year.

I know that there are many that I have forgotten to thank personally, but we are so grateful to you all. We want you to know that the Lord knows your heart for Him and your service is not in vain. We are so often reminded of the passages in Nehemiah where the people of God came together to serve in so many different ways and what a testimony this was the the world who look on. Thank you to all for your help and your prayers!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Training for both Experienced Ropes course leaders and helpers!

Experienced facilitators - please join us on Friday evening May 20 and Saturday May 21 for our annual re-training and certification event. We plan to start at camp on Friday May 20th, with review of the basics of knots, belaying and rescues, which are needed to begin to be certified as a Level 1 instructor. 

Proficiency in these basic skills is also required to move on to the zipline training. Please arrive by 7 pm on Friday and plan to go late into Saturday May 21st, 2016 with practical hands-on training.  

It is very important that everybody be there for this training. We cannot open the ropes course unless we have trained and certified personnel manning the events. This training is only for those who have been previously trained on ropes. Please let David Larter know that you will be attending so that we can plan for meals, accommodation and training.

Special Note:
If you're one of the many people who've enjoyed the ropes course at camp, perhaps you'd like to take the next step and become one of our trained facilitators. If you are 16 years of age.or older, you're welcome to join our introductory training session to be scheduled later this year.  

To any who are interest in receiving beginner training for ropes please contact David Larter.  If there is enough interest we would pick a Saturday during a camp session to get together and train.

It is essential that you RSVP to David Larter ( or Terry Wilson (  by May 10, 2016 if you plan to attend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Update on the Boys Cabins at Camp Li-Lo-Li

We are excited to see the progress on the six new cabins in the boys area. There is still a lot of work today to finish these cabins up in time for summer but they are looking great!

Over the past few weeks two major projects have been worked on. Stacy Bodder, Al McIntee and AJ McIntee have been working on bringing electrical power to the cabins. Rather than bring in overhead wires that are subject to weather and to the occasional branch falling on them, the decision was made to dig trenches, lay PVC conduit and then pull the wire through the conduit to the cabins. Then these trenches are backfilled.

These is a lot more work involved in this but our hope and expectation is that the maintenance will be far less in the future. That project is now also complete and was done in the worst possible weather. It was wet, muddy and cold most of the time, with the occasional snow flurries as well!

The other project underway right now are the addition of the pocket doors in the six new cabins. Bob Wheeler built all the pocket doors in the Girls area and has now started work in the Boys area as well. Having a sliding pocket door enables us to split the cabins for Family camps and almost doubles the usable space. Josiah Gefell has been able to assist Bob on this important project.

Again we are so grateful to Stacy Bodder and all those that come down to assist him with these important projects! We are reminded of the commendation to the people of Israel as they started work on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in the face of obstacles of all kinds. It says they accomplished the project, "for the people had a mind to work. Nehemiah 4:6" We thank the Lord for all those that have a mind and a willingness to work!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Archery Instructors Needed - We Will Train You! Register Now for the Next Training Session!

Each year the archery range is a center of enthusiastic participation by campers from ages 7 to 77! If you’re someone who has enjoyed archery at camp and would like to become involved as an instructor, here’s how:

Teaching archery at Camp Li-Lo-Li requires a USA Archery Level I instructor certification. The stated purpose of the Level I certification is, “To introduce how to teach archery to a new instructor, who has most likely never shot before.” Scope of training includes safety, range setup, basic equipment setup and repair, and teaching the basic steps of shooting. The certification process consists of approximately 50% classroom training and 50% hands-on instruction at the archery range.

This nationally recognized course will enable you to serve as an archery instructor at camp and elsewhere. Mark White will be teaching the course at camp, starting at 7:00 PM on Friday July 29th and dismissing on Saturday evening (the 30th) after supper. The cost of the training materials is $30 per person which includes receiving the certification card (good for 3 years) immediately at the conclusion of the training. All other necessary equipment will be provided by camp. The course is open to anyone turning age 16 in 2016 or older.

To register for the training or for more information, contact Mark White at Registration MUST be completed by Sunday, July 10th to ensure time to order and receive training materials.

So release your inner Robin Hood or Katniss and help create memories in the lives of campers for years to come! Register today!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Urgent - CPR Re-certifications Scheduled for March 19. Please RSVP!

Reminder: The Camp Li-Lo-Li CPR Re-certification day is Saturday, March 19th at Cornerstone Bible Chapel in Rochester. There are some significant changes this year, so please read the included flyer. To see a larger version, please click directly on the flyer. 

We are continuing certification through the American Safety & Health Institute (A.S.H.I.). We will not be offering the Wilderness First Aid this year. Many were able to get that done last year. Please also help us get the word out to others. 

Please also note the cost of the materials. It is very important that you let us know that you plan to come by no later than March 10th so that we are able to order sufficient training materials. 

Please respond directly to Amy Larter at  We will collect payment upon arrival. Please let Amy know if you plan to attend & if you need a book or pocket mask. Please arrive by 9:45 to get registered & pay.

We are offering a pizza lunch at the end of the morning.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ladies Scrapbooking Retreat now called Country Crafting!

Changes are coming to our former Ladies Scrapbooking Retreat! Over the past few years we have had more people bring other types of craft projects and join in with us for this great event! So if you are into scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, needlepoint or any other craft, join our ladies for a great retreat!

Please note the new dates: 
Friday April 1 and Saturday April 2. 

To register, click on the link below:

So join us for a weekend of warm Christian fellowship, great food, and of course, crafting! Our Country Crafting Retreat was created specifically to give you oodles of time to craft and have a great time of fellowship at the same time! Our schedule will also provide time for prayer and quiet time and the days will begin and end in the Word of God.

Full Weekend cost $50.00
Saturday Only - $35.00
Youth Rate (under 18) - $30.00